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DIY Natural Dye: Bundle Dyeing

Welcome! Let's learn how to naturally dye our own silk scarf with plants & flowers

To view a video tutorial, click here to visit our Youtube tutorial

Supplies needed: 

  • scarf bundle dye kit 
  • neutral/natural soap (baby shampoo, Dr. Bronners, natural detergent)
  • (1) pot & lid
  • (1) steamer basket or cheese cloth (tied or rubber banded onto handles to create hammock)
  • stove or heat source

The first step to natural dye is to scour & mordant your fabric. If you are using a bundle dye kit, your scarf has been pre-scoured and mordanted

To scour is to clean your fabric from any impurities. To learn more about this step you can purchase our ebook here.

To mordant your fabric is to prepare it to receive dye. It is the most important step! Mordanting looks like soaking your fabric in a mineral salt bath so that it is ready to accept color. Mordants insure you get a long lasting and vibrant color. To learn more about mordanting, check out my ebook on natural dye here.

Step 1: wet your silk scarf completely and spread it out on a clean surface

Step 2: place your dye material on one half of the scarf

Step 3: fold the other half of the scarf over so that your plant material is sandwiched between the fabric

Step 4: start to roll you scarf from one of the opened sides into a log like shape

Step 6: fold roll in half & secure with twine by wrapping around several times

Place bundle into steam basket or cheese cloth and steam with the lid on for 30 minutes

Flip every 10 minutes, making sure your bundle remains wet. Pour water over the bundle if you see it getting dry. 

After the 30 minutes, place bundle on a clean towel or let sit in the steamer until it cools. I suggest waiting 30 minutes to cool.

The last step will be to unwrap your bundle and see the beautiful scarf your just dyed!

Wash your scarf with a natural soap like a natural laundry soap or diluted castile soap. Learn more about caring for naturally dyed items here.

Hang to dry :) 

To learn more about natural dyes and bundle dyeing, purchase our eBook here :)

We would love to see how your scarf projects turn out! Tag us on instagram @lailatextiles