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Garment Care

Caring for Your Naturally Dyed Item

Your naturally dyed product is unique & should be cared for thoughtfully. Natural Dyes are sometimes sensitive and require special care. They are natural and unlike synthetic dyes, so they should be treated differently than your favorite t-shirt.

Silk Care 

Wash your naturally dyed 100% Silk items by hand with cold water only. Use soap that has a neutral pH level, we recommend a natural baby soap or diluted Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap.

After washing, hang to air dry. Silk naturally wrinkles easily (& we love the natural wrinkle) but if you would like a smooth looking finish, iron on low when needed. To get out tough wrinkles, spray a light mist of water onto the item before ironing. 

Do not dry clean, cleaning solution used by dry cleaners will cause damage to naturally dyed items. 

 Cotton Care

Wash your bamboo, cotton, or linen items in the washer with cold water & soap that has a neutral pH level, we recommend a natural dye-free laundry detergent or our favorite - diluted Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap.

Dry on Delicate or hang to dry.

What about fading? 

All of our material is fixed in a mordant bath before dying so that the colors cling to the fabric. Depending on the plant used, some colors are not as colorfast as othersThis means that as time goes on colors made fade or become more muted. This is all part of the journey of natural dye & one of the ways they differ from synthetic dyes. 

To reduce excess fading, store your item in a dark, cool place that is out of direct sunlight. A closet or a dresser drawer are great places to store your item. 

At Laila Textiles we are always trying to improve our products by experimenting with new plants & trying new ways to dye. We do this in order to give you the best quality items we can. If you experience a problem with your item like excess fading, please contact us. We care about you being satisfied with your item & are willing to help!